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Wild Racing Difference

Wild Racing Difference

24/7 Tech Support

There are lots of companies that valve shocks and offer tech/setup help, but here at Wild Racing, we strive to offer constant support to our customers day in and day out.

-Shock Support
Our shock support doesn't just stop at a quick turnaround after a repair or purchasing new, but to educate the customer on what valving each shock has, and the reasoning behind that valving choice. When working with us, we provide the customer with a choice, to run their setup and shocks valved to match that, or we offer baseline setups that correspond with valving to match. We DO NOT force you to run our setup, and often encourage customers to pick setup path that we can help direct you down.

-Setup Support
Our setup support comes in many different forms. We have a different goal then most companies when offering setup support, in that we don't force you to run our setup. We do have baselines that we prefer and believe are more efficient then others, but do not stipulate them. So if you decide to run a different setup then our baseline or a rendition of our setup, we will first sit down and go over it entirely. Then set dynamic chassis goals that the car should operate under and what travel you should be seeing. Then after racing we will communicate what the car is doing from the drivers seat, plus what dynamic goals we are achieving and not achieving. Then create a game plan for adjustments base on that information while staying on the path we decided to go down during the offseason.

-Driving Support
I defiantly am not a perfect driver or the best. But we at Wild Racing have been racing since 2004, and have a lot of on track time that we use to help new and old racers with easy mistakes that we see. A lot of times the issue on track with a cars setup can be from driver tendencies or habits. If your local, we try our best to watch your car every time it hits the track and voice what we see, as either a bad habit, or a setup issue. If your not local, we as for a video or if a streaming site was at the track that we can go back to. This allows us to support you in all the aspects, and offer incite that you can use to hopefully get more consistent.

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