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  • Will be contacted after purchase for integra valving or Wild Racing Custom Valving
  • Integra Midwest/Sport Mod Shock package specially valved for your car, track, and driving style. Will be contacted after purchase to gather information, too better valve the shocks for you. Comes as a 4 shock package for Wissota Midwest Mod, IMCA Sport Mod, and USRA B-Mod.

Midwest/Sport Mod Shock Package

SKU: 364115376135191
Excluding Sales Tax
  • This package will come with two 7" front shocks That will be valved for your needs and moition ratios. Rear Shocks will come as 9" bodys that will be valved for mounting location on chassis and rear-end along with your setup and driving style. Will also have the option to run Schrader Vavles based on sanctioning body. When you place an order with us at Wild Racing, you are not just purchasing a great set of shocks, but also some of the best tech support in the bussiness. That comes with tailored tech support bassed on what your racing program needs and goals. 

  • The Package will be shipped with the cheapest option unless instructed differently, using UPS, FEDEx, or Speedee.

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